Introducing DuckDuckHack


I think most search results would benefit by some form of instant answer (like xkcd). DuckDuckGo has a lot of goodies, but I think we're only scratching the surface on what can be done there.

That's why today we're announcing DuckDuckHack: an open source platform to create instant answer plugins for DuckDuckGo. Think of them like add-ons for Firefox.
There are probably more than a few searches that have frustrated you. Perhaps some of these results could have been improved by great instant answers. Please feel free to share such ideas.

For example, suppose you often do searches on bioinformatics or lego parts or on other topics that we don't know much about. Then you're in a great position to help craft great instant answers in that area and improve your own results along with the results of others doing similar searches. We hope that DuckDuckHack will give you the opportunity to do so. 

Checkout the tutorial at for the whatwhy and how specifics. You can watch for new plugins on Twitter and get help on the mailing list or on chat.

There are currently four plugin types that enable a broad range of instant answers. Some of the embarrassing coding and testing interfaces are being rapidly cleaned up. In other words, this is a Minimum Viable Platform :) 

We'd of course love your feedback as we evolve it! You can join the announce list for major updates.


If you have comments, hit me up on Twitter.
I'm the Founder & CEO of DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn't track you. I'm also the co-author of Traction, the book that helps you get customer growth. More about me.