Happy first birthday DuckDuckGo!


29th.jpgOn Feb 29, 2008, I incorporated DuckDuckGo. Because that was a leap day, technically Feb 29, 2012 is our first birthday.

The incorporation date was about seven months before I would soft launch the service on Hacker News. 

Back then I had no idea what would become of what I was doing. I had spent the previous few months crawling, messing around with structured data, parsing Wikipedia and working on other projects.
My wife thought the idea of starting a search engine from our basement was absolutely nuts, but she did like the name.

Honestly, if you look at what it was back then it is hard to disagree with her.

2008.04.02 Duck-Duck-Go-in-Commerce.jpg

Nevertheless, the original premise of a simpler and cleaner search engine still holds.


I pitched DuckDuckGo at Founder Factory in 2008 (video) where I talk about getting 10K searches a month. Now we're at 28 million

Even though it has been four years, in many ways it feels we're just getting started

Thank you to everyone who has ever used DuckDuckGo, especially people who gave it a chance early on.


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