Open Angel Forum Philly II Recap

OAFP2.jpgThis past Tuesday Antonio Tedesco and I held our second Open Angel Forum in Philly at Morgan Lewis. Time will tell whether some of the companies get funded or not, but we feel it again went really well.

Each of the seven companies demoed for five minutes and then had five minutes for questions. Before and after they had a chance to mingle with a room full of awesome angel investors from the area. Many of the angels from last time were there, and there were a bunch of new folks as well.

Compared to the previous companies, more of this batch had strong Philly connections. We didn't plan for that result, but welcome it as one of our primary goals is to increase the number of great startups forming and thriving in the Philly area.

We kept the company list confidential until the event. Here were the companies (in the order they presented):

Instinct (NYC, prev in Philly) - virtual music teacher in your browser.

They help you learn real songs in minutes via interactive lessons that detect the pitch from what you play in real-time. Killer demo.

Tadpoles and Tadpoles Pro is the free daycare management software for the iPhone and iPad.png
Tadpoles (Philly) - connecting parents with their childcare providers.

They're already in 40 day cares where teachers can take pictures and videos of the children to share with parents.

Cloudmine (Philly, Dreamit) - back-end APIs for mobile developers.

They have APIs for mobile devs to offload common server tasks like user management and data storage. Popular at PennApps last weekend.

Card Gnome (Boulder, founder from Philly) - custom printed greeting cards.

They maintain a curated community of quality greeting card designers and then can print and send custom cards on demand. Already 1000s of great cards.

Inhabi (Philly) - apartments find renters.

They allow renters to submit a detailed application of what they want and then they match up landlords with those renters. Pilots in Boise, Portland and Philly.

NoWait (Pittsburgh)  - wait list management for casual dining restaurants.

They have an iPad/iPhone system for restaurants that don't take reservations to manage their seating via text message.  In use by a bunch of restaurants already.

Let's Gift It (NYC, Dreamit) - group gift giving plugin.

They integrate with retail Web sites to help them enable group gift giving. Their first customer is 1-800-Flowers.

Let me know if you want an intro to any of these companies!

Given a second successful event, we are definitely planning to hold this event twice a year from now on. The next one should be around March of next year. Watch my Twitter stream for updates.


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