Perl submissions for Google Summer of Code


DuckDuckGo is mainly written in Perl. If you're a student and looking for something cool to do this summer, consider messing around with Perl. That's how I originally got into it! 

This is a guest post by Mark Keating, who is the Managing Director of Shadowcat Systems Limited and a Director/Secretary of the Enlightened Perl Organisation. He regularly writes on Perl Blog and Work Blog.  

The Perl Foundation (TPF) has once again been accepted as a mentoring organisation for the Google Summer of Code (Official Site) an annual initiative to encourage student participation in open source software and programs.

The efforts on behalf of the Perl Foundation this year are being co-ordinated by Florian Ragwitz (Rafl) and there is a dedicated channel (#soc-help) on where help and advice can be obtained.

Students can suggest any topic to work on, but for those wishing to try something new, or are looking for general guidance, there is a list on the EPO Wiki which outlines some suggestions and ideas from a number of Perl projects. Once you have a project idea, speak to the other participants in #soc-help and we will advise you on application and match you to a mentor.

The program is accepting submissions from students and mentors, until Friday 8th April, so now is the time to get involved. The Perl community welcomes students who are new to its ranks alongside those who are already members.


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