Open Angel Forum Philly Recap

905870483.jpgLast week was the first Open Angel Forum Philly, organized by myself and Antonio Tedesco

We selected six companies to give five min demos (followed by five min of q/a). Antonio has a short write-up of each company on his blog, and here is even a shorter summary:

  1. Fancy Hands (NYC) - personal assistants for everyone.
  2. RezScore (Philly) - resume analytics.
  3. Row27 (Minneapolis) - official mobile apps for sports teams.
  4. SpeakerWiki (Austin) - marketplace for speakers.
  5. Sqoot (Chicago) - adsense for deals.
  6. Contently (Philly/NYC) - marketplace for high quality content.
If anyone wants an intro for any of these companies, please let me know. They all did a great job presenting and I hope they all get funded.

We chose these six out of about 80 applications. Of those 80, we did Skype demos with about 25. Obviously, we had to pass on some great companies. 

To get a view into our process, here are some groups of startups we passed on:
  • Hadn't launched.
  • No engaged uses after launch. 
  • Too high valuation. 
  • No software component.
  • Too far along in fundraising process.
  • Non-US.
We also had a great selection of angel investors in the room. In fact, the most surprising thing to me was that everyone (except one out-of-towner) showed up!

Antonio and I debriefed on Sat, and beyond some little things like having less tables next time, we aren't planning on changing too much next time around.  We hope to hold the next one at the end of the summer, probably mid-September.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments, and I'll do my best to answer.


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