Philly Open Angel Forum is now accepting applications

app-65bfdbf045136231c23bb5895b177d44.jpgI'm proud to announce that Open Angel Forum (OAF) is coming to Philly on March 16 (in about two months). We're now accepting applications for startups looking to raise angel rounds in that time-frame. Here's a short URL to share: The applications are powered by WizeHive, a local Philly startup.

For the unaware, OAF is a group started by Jason Calacanis to serve as an alternative to the traditional angel pitch events that either cost startups money or take up too much of their time because of the slow group processes often involved to approve investments. Here's the actual mission statement: 

The Open Angel Forum (OAF) is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with access to the angel investor community based solely on merit (and without fees). Additionally, we strive to build collaboration between angel investors and to inspire high-net worth individuals to become angels.

Morgan Lewis (a law firm that has a great local startup practice) has been gracious enough to host to event for free. Philly's startup scene is heating up, but we've had great angel investors for a while. We should have 20-30 active, independent Internet/software startup angels in the room.

You do not need to be from or associated with Philly to apply, though I do hope we get some good applications from the area. As you might have guessed from the header of my blog, one of my goals is to help the startup scene flourish here.

If you're a local angel and I haven't talked to you yet about it, please let me know.

Update: deadline for applications is midnight (EST), 2/18.

Update 2: you do not need to be associated with Philly to apply. In fact, we're looking for great startups from all over, especially from under-represented places like MD, NC, VA, etc.

Update 3: check out the list of angels planning on attending.


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