My putty settings. What are yours?


putty.pngI use putty all the time to connect to my servers and local VMware images. I actually develop over putty via SSH (in emacs).

There are a lot of putty settings and I haven't explored them all, but there are some I make sure are always on. These are:

  • Window -> Lines of scrollback -> 10000. The 200 default is sort of ridiculous. I often have long script outputs and want to scroll back.

  • Window -> Behavior -> Window title -> <server name>. I currently have 19 putty windows running. If they weren't individually named by server, it would be a disaster.

  • Terminal -> Bell -> None (bell disabled). If I don't turn that bell off, I get a headache after like 5 min.

  • Window -> Translation -> UTF-8. The default (Latin encoding) causes all sorts of problems if you tail a log with UTF-8 output.

  • Connection -> Data -> Auto-login username -> yegg. Saves time.

  • In the past, I've also messed with default colors (Window -> Colours), but have always gone back to the default. I've also changed the keepalive (Connection -> Seconds between keepalives), but my current servers simply don't drop ever.

What else do you set?


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