Duck Duck Go in Philly Inquirer

inquirer.jpgI'm really proud to be in the Philly Inquirer today in both the offline (business, pg3) and online versions (Philly Deal$ blog).

Thank you to Joeseph DiStefano at the Inquirer for the nice write up and to Charles Knight of The Next Web, Search for mentioning us to him.

Here's the excerpt:

Knight is also attracted to simplified search engines like Gabriel Weinberg's Valley Forge-based "It's Google Light," says Weinberg. "They strip out all the garbage - video, ads. And it's intelligent. You search for 'wolf,' it'll ask, 'What wolf do you mean?' and list some choices." is the brainchild of Weinberg, a twentysomething graduate of MIT who sold his Web site, NamesDatabase, to Classmates Online Inc. in 2006, and retired to raise his child and invest in new companies with his wife, a GlaxoSmithKline P.L.C. statistician, in 2006.

"Around M.I.T., we had a lot of people starting companies," he said. "We started this group, Hackathon."

His Philly chapter "is growing slowly over time," with help from people at the LiquidHub consulting group, among others. They meet every month, sometimes in an office at Cira Centre, sometimes at the Bear Rock Cafe in King of Prussia. "There's random people making sites," he explained. "We try to put them together."

For the record, I have a few minor corrections...
  • I can't take credit for the "Google Light" quote, which must have been from Charles. I usually say "better results and less garbage."
  • I'm thirty and I'm not retired; in fact, quite the opposite :)
  • The Hackathon group is unique to Philly. I started it upon moving to the area trying to reconstruct some of the entrepreneurial spirit I felt around MIT. I'm actually at our monthly hackathon right now!


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