Would we (Earth) show up in our universe's stats pages?

I recently read The Black Hole War. This quote from pg 418 really got me thinking: "Out of every 10,000,000,000 bits of information in the universe, 9,999,999,999 are associated with the horizons of black holes." 

As an apathetic agnostic, I don't think much about how our universe was created. Yet doing so is pretty hard to escape when reading this book.

Suppose the universe was created, but the creators are not omnipotent. For a bad analogy, consider the universe as a large computer program. They designed this system, perhaps one of many, and let it go. 

Further assume that though the creators are not omnipotent they may be able to interact with our universe without obeying our laws of physics. That is, they can measure or get views into certain things without effecting anything.

Now if they have active interest in monitoring their creation, what will their stats pages look like? 

If indeed pretty much all information is in black holes, would they even know there are bits of information out of black holes? If so, would they further know about life in the universe? And of course, would we (Earth) show up anywhere?

Update: additional comments can be found here (on HN).


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