I love TV! There, I said it...

Woke up today to see yet another anti-TV post on Hacker News.  The comments link to two really funny takes on the issue at Stuff White People Like and The Onion.

Here's what I like to watch on TV:

I find it odd to indict an entire communication medium with anything. Of course there is stuff you are not going to like on TV. But by the same token, there is probably stuff you will like too.

Do you want to be good friends with the average person? 

I can understand the argument of wanting to reclaim your time. I cut out reading the newspaper in paper-form last year. I used to get the WSJ and the Phoenix delivered. But I didn't cut out the entire news medium. Instead, I just cut down my consumption to what I find most interesting, which I now get through a site I made for that purpose and via RSS feeds.

Similarly, cutting out all TV seems a bit drastic me. Ne qid nimis (nothing in excess).  I DVR everything, so I watch it when I want and I get to skip all the commercials.

Anyway, my point here is not really to defend TV. I'm just saying I consider myself a hacker and I, for one, love the above shows. 

What do you like to watch?


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