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Why is Google Discontiuing my Favorite Google Product?

Google Browser Sync was my favorite Google product.  It syncs browser data between your computers.  In my case, I use it to move between my main Desktop and laptop seamlessly.  My bookmarks, passwords, history, and even my most recently opened tabs were just right there.

I've used online bookmark services in the past all the way back to backflip (remember them?), but Google Browser Sync really took it to a new level for me.  It syncs much more than bookmarks and even more importantly I didn't have to go anywhere--it just worked.  And it worked fast and well.

I recently delayed upgrading to FireFox 3 because it kept saying that Google Browser Sync wasn't updated for it yet.  So I finally searched for why, and found this post from Google saying they are discontinuing my favorite Google product!

Yes, I get there are alternatives.  Yes, I get Google is a private company and can do whatever they want.  Yes, they are releasing code.  But I still just don't get it.  Why?  Why, Google, why?

How much resources does it really take to continue supporting Google Browser Sync?  Why does Mozilla think this is a huge opportunity and you don't?  And even if you don't think it is *as huge*, you can't make a bet on it with one FTE or even a partial FTE out of your 19K+ employees?  What about just to enable its use for FireFox 3?

And how much of a chance did you really give it anyway?  I didn't notice any real promotion, and everyone I've explained it to (yes, non-tech people too) love it, just like me.  Is there anything I can do to change your mind?

Lame! (cut from South Park's AWESOM-O)