Gabriel Weinberg
This page is about my angel investing. More about me. I'm on AngelList too.

My best startup advice:
• Learn to think big.
• Question your operating assumptions.
• Think about startups as a career path.
• Choose an ambitious idea.
• Understand how the money flows.
• Get a good mentor.
• Devote half your time to traction.
• Approach traction with a framework.
• Have a real plan.
• Focus on moving the needle.

My best fundraising advice:
• Diagnose where you are.
• Construct a good pitch.
• Learn about angel/VC term sheets.
• My lessons learned from raising VC.

My investment criteria:
Know that my investing strategy has evolved with experience and personal situation, and it continues to do so. As you can see from the right, I don't do a ton of investments (~3/yr).

Founded in Philly – I'm here long-term and want to continue growing the burgeoning scene here, and so I'm pretty focused locally.
• Consumer oriented – I want to be a user of the product so I can help shape it. Also, consumer is where my career is focused (DuckDuckGo, etc.).
• Something ambitious – I want to spend my limited time on stuff that matters. It's not all about making money. Note this generally means a strong desire to break out of acqui-hire stage.
• Opportunity to add value – I'm looking to get involved and help you define/question assumptions & avoid mistakes.
• To know you ahead of time, so come see me. I believe in lines, not dots theory of investing.

Here's some other stuff:
Solo founders OK. I've been one and I've funded several.
• Not interested in gambling, "adult," search (too much conflict), or without special circumstances gaming (too hit driven), enterprise (see consumer above), or anything involving physical products (inventory sucks).
• Not excited about convertible notes for you or for me, but realize they are warranted in certain circumstances.
• Excited about stuff that helps shape how people think, changes peoples minds, or otherwise helps organize the world of ideas.

Wall of Shame:
Every investor eventually passes on a lot of great companies, unfortunately.
• Acquired: Venmo, Mailgun, LiftDNA.
• Doing awesome: Zonoff, SeatGeek, Adaptly, Zerocater, DramaFever.
Active Portfolio
Clinical Decision Support
Invested 10/14
Bitcoin Exchange Software
Invested 07/14
Sell Tickets Online
Invested 04/13
Modern Forum Software
Invested 11/12
Workflow Automation
Invested 10/12 (on Board)

Invested 04/12
Ecommerce Analytics
Invested 11/11
Interactive Guitar Lessons
Invested 10/11
Managed Wordpress Hosting
Invested 4/11
Modern Indian Dating
Invested 4/10 (on Board)
Inactive Portfolio
Consumer Location Analytics
Invested 8/10 (on Board), Acquired 8/12
Wristband Sleep Device
Invested 3/10, Died 06/12
What I learned from this one.
Market for Class Notes
Invested 9/9 (on Board), Acquired 6/11